Keskin National Park

Architectural, Landscape Design and Application Project

Location: Keskin, Kırıkkale

Design Date: August – October 2020

Total Area: 27.302 m²


The public garden project area in Kırıkkale Keskin has a characteristic structure that includes a long, thin and 11 m elevation difference. The parcel form and the level difference played a major role in shaping the general setting in the project. The layout of the functions in the project has been designed in harmony with the topography and accessible to all users.

Activity areas have created a richer and elegant silhouette effect with elevation differences.

In the parcel, where there are no trees in its current form, the main promenade connecting to three squares in the north, south and middle is surrounded by large green areas.


Communities that mean “nomad, traveler” are called abdal. There is Turkmen/Abdal culture in Kırıkkale-Keskin region. Born in 1930 in the village of Hacıali Obası in Keskin district, Hacı Taşan Kırıkkale is one of the most important abdals of the country. It is known locally for its unique instrumental and singing style. Like Other abdals, he earned his living by playing saz and singing at weddings. For this reason, a culture house was designed in the design program to ensure the continuity of local culture.


Kırıkkale as the art of weaving; There are examples of sacks, saddlebags, rugs and mats. While sacks are used to store materials such as wheat and flour, it is seen that mats are used on the wall or as a pillow cover. Generally, twine technique in sacks and kilim techniques in mats. Based on the art of weaving, fabric was used in the arcade on the promenand road.

On the central main axis, structures compatible with the topography, the main walkway, different functions and walking, jogging and bicycle paths that ensure the continuity of the isohypes were arranged in the east and west. A main promenade has been created taking as reference from the slopes given to us by the topography. This main promenade parcel connects the long side with 2 main entrances. Accessibility is ensured by creating various activity areas on this main axis. Architectural structures; It was placed on the slope of the land and it was ensured to be suitable for the natural slope. Green texture has been provided throughout the park by paying attention to the scale adjustment of the building-land. The buildings are positioned at different perspective angles.

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