Girne Hotel

Landscape Design Project

Location: Girne, Kıbrıs

Design Date: 2024

Area: 72.000 m²

Total Landscape Area: 58.000 m²

In the project, organic form structural landscape and formed vegetal landscape design were aimed. Organic form is inspired by the natural world and its forms. It refers to landscape elements with natural, curved and organic lines. This approach aims to imitate nature’s unique, comfortable and flowing forms. While organic forms emphasize naturalness and comfort, structural landscape emphasizes order and clarity.

Organic form vegetal landscaping refers to an approach where natural and free forms are used in landscape design. This design style is inspired by nature’s unique organic shapes and aims to create a comfortable and fluid aesthetic in garden or park arrangements.

Landscape designs are important not only in the design and construction of social spaces, but also in ensuring that people are balanced and meet the needs of the natural world and society.

Landscape designs, implemented with minimum water consumption requirements and different irrigation points, and with plants compatible with arid climates, are both ecological and climate compatible.

Inorganic mulch mixtures containing rocks, gravel and marble pieces are suitable for xeriscape landscaping applications and soften climatic conditions by absorbing heat and reflecting light.

Water walls, waterways and the use of stones, matte or light-colored materials that provide coolness in contact with water are among the preferred landscaping practices for arid climates.

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