Nivo İstanbul

Landscape Design Project

Location: Küçükçekmece, Istanbul

Design and Application Date: August 2022 – November 2022

Area: 30.000 m²

Total Landscape Area: 28.000 m²

Structural Landscape Area: 26.500 m²

Plantation Landscape Area: 2.500 m²

Nivo İstanbul project is a mixed and qualified building complex in İstanbul Küçükçekmece, where residential and commercial functions are solved together. In the landscape architectural design approach, an approach that adds value and greenery to the shop-trade areas on the ground flooe has been displayed. The pedestrianized roads defined within the project were equipped with plenty of trees and green areas, allowing the project and the users to breathe.

In addition, with the controlled passage defined for the vehicles, it was included in the project, providing convenience with the valet service for the users arriving by vehicle. For users waiting for valet, there is also a pergola design that protects against seasonal conditions within the scope of the project.

Project Diversity

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