Akyurt Gastronomy Center

Urban Design, Architectural and Landscape Application Projects

Location: Akyurt, Ankara

Design Date: August – October 2021

Total Area: 56.271 m²


A rehabilitation project has been created by improving the building island, located in the center of Akyurt district, Ankara, together with the buildings it contains, and re-functioning it with restaurants and cafes related to gastronomy. The aim of the project is to reveal the values of the local culture through gastronomy, to encourage the local people to sustainable production and to give the region an identity. The project area, which has been improved with architectural and open space design, is aimed to increase the user base and encourage a more active use in the region. In addition, the continuity of the green texture has been ensured on the roads, areas and building facades in all project borders.

Project Diversity

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