Ortaköy Cultural Centre and Afife Jale Theatre Hall

Architectural Facade, Interior Design and Application Projects

Location: Ortaköy-Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Design Date: January – April 2018

Area: 2.500 m²

The Ortaköy Cultural Center project, which we have developed for Besiktas Municipality, is a seven-floor architectural design and implementation project with the Afife Jale Theatre. In addition to the theater hall, Ortaköy Cultural Center has a complex cultural structure with its exhibition area and classrooms. Ortaköy Cultural Center is located on a comer parcel on Dereboy Street, which is located perpendicular to the main street of Ortaköy Bosphorus Coast. The building was opened in 1998 and renovated in 2004.

DELIVERED PROJECTS AND FILES: Architectural Design, Static, Mechanical and Acoustic Application Projects

Project Diversity

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