Orta National Park

Architectural and Landscape Design and Application Project

Location: Orta, Çankırı

Design Date: August – October 2020

Total Area: 24.086 m²

Landscape Area: 24.086 m²

Architectural Area: 1.100 m²


Orta, one of the districts of Çankırı, has a population of 20.439. It is 63 km away from Çankırı. Devrez Stream, one of the important branches of Kızılırmak, takes its important resources from the mountains within the borders of Orta district.

The public garden in the Middle Sultanbayazıt project area has a rich herbal character that includes many willow and poplar trees. In the design approach, the settlement was made by preserving the existing trees by making minimal intervention to the land.

It is aimed to contribute to the ratio of green areas in the region with the use of endemic plants and intensive trees in the vegetative landscape.

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