Korea War Memorial Area And Visitor Center

Architectural and Landscape Architecture Design Project - Competition

Location: Lüleburgaz

Design Date: 2019

Area: 8.000 m²

The basic problem of design is to remember the war as a destructive / predatory phenomenon, to bring peace to peace, to remember peace in tranquility, to remember life, to be grateful to those who make sacrifices.

In the moments of remembrance and commemorating, the basic reflex of people was determined as a basic behavioral expression that shaped the gesture commemoration area to tilt its head down as an expression of respect. The ground was filled with water, whose eyes were tumed down, the heads were bent, and were cleaned, indicating cleanliness / peace / life. By looking at the water, the capture of a moment of calm ensures a strong bond with the space.

The main concern that shapes the architectural layout is to make the calm / recall area to be prepared both visible / intuitive and stripping through the circulation / movement.

The calmness that appears as the first constraint makes it necessary to solve the functions that require closed volumes in simple / lean / clean masses by showing humility.

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