Interior Architecture & Landscape Design Projects and Application

Location: Nişantaşı, Istanbul

Design and Application Date: May – August 2018

Area: 328 m²

Regarding a new concept in Turkey, Bronwyn Cafe was opened in Nişantaşı serving daily and fresh food. Bronwyn Cafe was designed with the inspiration of nature supporting healthy nutrition in city life. In this context, with the colors of nature, the use of natural materials was preferred. In the cafe of 320 m² with three floors, each unit was designed to provide a different experience to clients. Transitions between seating and circulation areas were performed via various colors, materials and furniture designs. A refreshing atmosphere was designed in the garden with the green texture surrounding the wooden pergola forming an integrity between foors.

Ground Floor

In the backyard; a structure that connects the basement floor to the first floor is designed and a shadow system is created. Each piece in the curvilinear part of the pergola is combined with the rope and a spacious space is intended to be circulated by the vines rising from the pots behind the sitting unit.

Project Diversity

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